Please Note:

- Karsten uses like New stocks from Fred’s M14 Stocks as a starting foundation. This is the strongest military M14 rifle stock, so strong it did not need the metal installed on the wood stock to reinforce it. Highly resistant to cracks and waterproof as well. These appear unissued – most un-fired!

- Prices are AS QUOTED (email with your project) including matching HG, all used hardware, Selector filled and textured.

- Bolt action stocks, FAL, AK, SKS and AR stuff I don’t stock however you can send me your furniture and I will refinish it……Email me and let’s discuss it.

- We also have done a few off the wall Purple or Red AR’s (soon some M14 stuff), done for folks like all of us but they want to stand out and be counted.

- Shipping for a #4 M14 stock is between $10-15 depending on where you are located (2-3 day USPS Priority mail)

- Payment options are USPS Money Order or Paypal.

Thanks for looking.