Karsten’s Adjustable Cheek Piece

If you’re struggling to get a good cheek weld and keep your eye in line with your scope your not alone. With 50mm now being the standard for scope objectives, a cheek piece is required to ensure a fast, solid, repeatable, reliable cheek weld and proper aiming.

If you have an existing rifle stock and do not have the desire to replaces it with expensive adjustable stock, take a close look at my adjustable cheek piece.

I seriously stand behind my products. There are thousands of Karsten’s cheek pieces in service all over the world. -SEE MORE-

Karsten’s Custom Stock Design

Karsten’s Custom Camo is just that…….Have it Your Way. I really don’t have set patterns, colors or designs. The pictures in the Gallery are mainly expressions of ideas my clients brought to me, usually folks wanting something different that they couldn’t find.

If you have something different in mind as far as color, pattern and it doesn’t even have to be camo, Email me and let’s see what we can work out.

I also like to send update pic’s and get approval as the stock progresses. Makes it personal that way, and keeps you ‘in the loop’ as your stock nears completion. Most of the Stalker names and patterns were thought up by the owners. I will be happy too re-do your supplied Springfield Armory Black Krinkle stock and Hand guard. -SEE MORE-

Thanks for visiting and remember “If its not combat ready, I won’t sell it!”